Centennial Construction is a trusted leader in commercial roofing repair and replacement. Many commercial properties have low slope, single-ply roofing systems. You may be able to avoid a high-cost roof replacement by extending the life of your roofing system with a roof coating. Roof coatings can be applied to both flat, low slope, and steep slope roofs.

Benefits of Flat Roof Membrane Coatings

  • Extends the life of EPDM or rubber roof membranes
  • Stops leaks, seal seams and patches and creates a continuous waterproof barrier
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Stands up to foot traffic
  • Ultraviolet Ray (UV) resistant

Steep Slope Roof Coatings

  • Can be applied to standing seam, metal tile, or corrugated metal roofs
  • They create a reflective barrier that keeps inside temperatures comfortable
  • Saves on heating and air conditioning (HVAC) bills

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Whether you need a flat roof membrane coating, minor repairs, or a complete roof replacement, we can help. Centennial Construction’s roofing professionals will inspect, maintain, and make repairs to keep your commercial roof in optimum condition. We have established relationships with all major insurance carriers and employ a team of licensed insurance adjusters and independently certified commercial roof inspectors. We can assist you with the claims process and make any emergency repairs when authorized by your insurance agent.

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