At Centennial Construction, we pride ourselves on quality inspections, repairs, and replacements. We can’t guarantee that a tornado will leave your home alone, but we can guarantee that our work will withstand trauma that ordinary roofs cannot. If you have questions about roofing materials, want to schedule a free inspection, or are interested in having a new roof designed for your home, call us at 615-278-6600 or email our fearless and peerless leader, Ty, at [email protected].

Because your roof makes up 40% or more of your property’s exterior, its appearance matters a lot. A roof that is moldy, missing tires, or sagging is a roof that (a) is not protecting your home (or you) from the elements, and (b) is detracting from the appearance and value of your home.

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Barring falling trees and storms – neither of which we can control – our roofs are built to last for decades. Even in more easy-going climates than ours, the average roof requires extensive repairs – perhaps even replacement – more often than the homes themselves. Think of the roof the way you think of dental work; regular checkups and maintenance are required more frequently for the roof than for other parts of the home, but they can prevent the need for total replacement in your (or the home’s) youth.

Our roofers handle everything from inspections to maintenance to total replacement; whatever your home needs, we have experience providing it.

What to Know About Roofs

A roof isn’t just a simple top to your home. It consists of several layers that work together to protect the building from moisture, heat/cold extremes, and debris.

Roof systems include:

  • Decking – a/ka/ sheathing is the wooden boards upon which shingles and other components are installed
  • Ice/water barrier – prevents water intrusion and subsequent damage
  • Underlayment – another layer to protect the decking from water or ice
  • Flashing – metal barriers to ensure that water runs off the edges around chimneys, roof joints, and skylights
  • Drip edge – flashing that should be installed around the edges of the roof for the whole house
  • Shingles, tiles, or other coverings (what most people think of as the roof)
  • Ventilation system: soffits, eaves, and vents that allow air to circulate through the home

Fun (or, depending on what has been done with your home, not-so-fun) fact about your roof:

You can’t simply cover your roof with another layer. Double-roofing does not mean double-protection. It means extra weight and a means for the corrosion or other problem to stay hidden from view, allowing the problems to worsen until they become a crisis.

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