Your home’s roof can be anywhere from 40% to 60% of your property’s exterior; its function and appearance, therefore, have substantial influences on the comfort and attractiveness of your home. If your home needs a new roof, call us — Centennial Construction at 615-278-6600. We are a local company, and we are a leader in roof repairs and replacements. The average roof lasts for approximately 30 years, while the average house lasts for at least 50 years; this mismatch means that roof replacements are a necessary part of home maintenance. That 30-year estimate, by the way, is an estimate based on conditions throughout the country. In places such as Middle Tennessee, frequent storms and rapid weather changes mean that homes are likely to be on the lower end of that average. For whatever reason that your home needs a new roof, our awesomely skilled roofing professionals will help you design a new roof that we will install with professionalism and care.

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When you’re looking for a new roof, you don’t have to replace the old one color for color, material for material, but can design a new look that fits your home, your budget, and your style. Our design team will help you do that.

One of our Centennial Construction team members has put together a partial list of roofing materials; we don’t have the space to discuss all of them, but these options are a good place to start.

Built-up Roofing (BUR)

  • Good option for low-slope roofs
  • Roofing felt that is imbued with asphalt for the underlayers
  • Applied from large rolls, so replacement of individual tiles is not possible
  • Tar and finely crushed stone on top of the roofing felt
  • Durable
  • Lasts 20 to 30 years


  • Like BUR, a good option for low-slope roofs
  • Several options, with EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) being one of the most popular for its durability, water-repelling properties, and ease of installation)
  • Rolled sheets (like BUR)
  • Like BUR, can’t replace individual segments easily
  • Typically lasts 20 to 35 years

Asphalt Composite Shingles

  • Most popular roofing material in the United States and Canada
  • Fiberglass based that is topped with asphalt and mineral granules
  • Good for most types of roofs
  • Replacing single shingles is easy
  • Typically lasts 20 to 30 years, but because maintenance and replacement of individual segments is easier than rolled roofing (listed above), may be able to delay complete reinstallation for longer


  • Can be standing seam or shingles/shakes
  • Very durable
  • Require specialized skills (that our roofers have)
  • Expensive

Check our website or give us a call to discuss these and other options.

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