Have you had your roof inspected lately? Depending on the materials used, your roof may be due for replacement. Centennial Construction specializes in roof repair and replacement for homes and commercial businesses in Nashville.

How do you know if your roof needs to be replaced? The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors reports that the life of a roof varies based on weather conditions, building and design, the quality of the materials, and how well the roofing system has been maintained.

  • Asphalt shingles: 20–50 years
  • Metal: 40–80 years. Copper can last 70 years or more, and zinc can last around 100 years.
  • Wood shakes and shingles: 25–30 years, but can last up to 50
  • Clay/concrete tile: 50–100 years
  • Slate: 60–175 years

In Nashville, roofs are exposed to all kinds of inclement weather like hail, tornadoes, and severe storms. All our storm activity may require roof replacement in a shorter period of time. When you call us, we will come out and inspect your roof for damage and wear and explain our recommendations for repairs or replacement. We employ licensed roofing professionals to install or repair roofs in Tennessee and stay current with industry best practices for roofing techniques, installation, and product knowledge.

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By inspecting your roofing system, you will be able to identify damage before it becomes a bigger issue. Mount Juliet residents can rely on Centennial Construction to assist with any roofing maintenance, repair, and replacement needs.

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