Centennial Construction specializes in repairing and replacing steep-slope roofing systems in Lebanon. The roof is the most important feature of your home because it protects the building below it. Without a sound roofing system, your roof will leak and compromise the structural supports, and your house will eventually fall! Many components make up the roofing structure as follows:

Roof Deck

The roof decking is the first layer that acts as the structural foundation of the roof. You can see the roof deck inside the attic, and all other roofing materials are nailed to the roof deck.

Drip Edge

The drip edge sheds water and guides water off the eaves or bottom edge of the roof, away from the house.

Ice and Water Barrier

The ice and water barrier prevents water intrusion, and it is applied to the roof deck and prevents damage if ice damming occurs in gutters or valleys.


It prevents water intrusion and is installed where the roof meets a vertical wall, chimney, skylight, or dormer.


The flashing sheds water and is installed where the roof meets a vertical wall, like a chimney, skylight, or dormer.


Shingles shed water and are designed to repel water, protect the roof, and provide aesthetic value for your home.


Ventilation circulates the air by encouraging movement on the deck underside. Air enters through a soffit or eave and exhausts at the ridge vent.

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