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We’ve talked about it before, and we’ll talk about it again: Middle Tennessee weather is hard on roofs. A weather site euphemistically explains that we get generous precipitation, including thunderstorms, severe storms, derechos (thunderstorms that have powerful, straight-line winds), and tornadoes. That’s just spring and summer!


Types of Damage that Storms Can Do to Your Roof




Strong winds carry tree limbs, roof tiles from neighboring homes, and other items to your roof. They can pierce roof tiles or the underlying structures, causing leaks that can weaken the roof or walls of your home.


Trapped water


Rain and hail may seep into small holes (caused by debris, hail, or lightning strikes) that may put too much pressure on the house’s frame and/or weaken the roof. Water weighs about 8 pounds a gallon, so even a normal thunderstorm could trap more water than your roof is designed to hold.


Hail damage


Broken windows and golf-ball-style dimples on cars are not the only kinds of hail damage. Balls of ice hammering your roof can lead to cracks and trapped water.


Lost shingles, torn flashing


Missing or torn shingles can’t do their job of protecting your roof.


Deterioration of Flashing


Damaged flashing is much less obvious than missing or damaged roof tiles. The flashing protects your roof from water intrusion. Flashing is a metal guard around the bases of chimneys, skylights, and vent pipes (or other vertical features). If a storm tears away or damages the flashing, then water can get under the roof where it damages support beams, the roof itself, and walls or ceilings.


Damage to the Underlayment


A few missing roof tiles may be the extent of storm damage; they may also be a signal that the water or storm debris punctured the layer under the roof tiles, allowing water/humidity to seep into the attic. To find out whether there is damage to the roof layer under the shingles, inspect the attic for dark spots on the wood and damp insulation. Call Centennial Construction promptly because the moisture causes additional damage alarmingly fast.


Missing Shingle Granules


It’s often difficult to tell whether water, hail, wind, or debris shed these granules from the roof shingles. You may see granules on the ground around the downspouts, or you may see them in the gutters. The granules protect the shingles, and the shingles protect the roof, so the roof can protect the home.


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