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Here are some tips to tell if you have flat roof damage.

Rips in the membrane: EPDM roofs may have visible rips or tears in the membrane.

Ponding water on the roof: If you see multiple puddles on your flat roof a few hours after a rainstorm, your roof’s drainage system has failed. Large amounts of water pooling will eventually penetrate the membrane and cause leaks.

Cracks to the Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) coating: Cracking is with TPO roofs. Check for visible cracks in the white roof surface.

Loose Flashings: You may be susceptible to leaks if you see flashings dislodged from the flat roof seams.

Inside the structure, look for visible signs of water leaks and bubbling paint on the ceiling. You may see water spots, bulging or bubbling interior walls, see mold growth, or smell a strong, musty odor that may indicate hidden water damage somewhere in your attic or walls, or you may see water dripping from your ceiling. All of these signs may be indications of a compromised roof.

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